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Griffith Mine

Unknown Mine in Kenora District, Ontario, Canada

Mar 08 2009

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Griffith Mine was An Iron ore mine located in north western Ontario, about 20km north of Ear Falls.

The mine owned by the steel company of Canada (Stelco Inc) was in operation from 1968 until it was closed on March 31st, 1986. While in production the mine produced 1.5 million long tons of pellets annually.

Closure of the mine was due to the increasing transportation costs and the inability to be competitive with other large North American producers.

Today, the rehabilitated mine still has many remnants of the old facilities to explore along with many hiking trails.


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10 years ago

they used to ship the iron ore pellets by rail to Thunder Bay to be loaded onto ships. The trestle that used to tower over Memorial and Fort William Road (remnants of which are still found on the waterfront) was part of this rail line, as well as the abandoned line that runs north of highway 17 (Flett Tunnel).