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MerlinLies2much  •  7 months ago

there's something so powerful about recognizing when a girl is a psychotic compulsive liar. at first you think you care about their existence but as they delude themselves further into their own manipulation complex they become powerless. gaslighters crave attention. you will never bully your way into plot twisting ever again. every time you lied to the fuzz as feeble payback for arguments and attempted to reshape narratives to ingraciate yourself whilst sneakily avoiding key details and context that you yourself know prove your accusations entirely false clearly did not have the desired effect (because you're a manipulative liar). it's funny all the big talk someone does later when in reality they literally ran out of the room at mock speed to get their precious boy toy (who still did nothing). you had no words because you're a cowardly dog who backs down and has nothing to say when confronted on your webs of lies. manipulators love to gaslight and say someone else is the attention seeker, meanwhile they're the one consistently airing dirty laundry to a thousand people (who don't care). maybe if you put half as much energy into growing as a person and moving on in life instead of obsessing and outright lying about relics of the past you wouldn't be in this situation. you're a serpent, not a dragon and your tongue is dipped with venemous lies. too bad for you nobody puts up with your temper tantrums and delusions anymore. time for marge to check back in. the cognitive bolts just arent quite where they should be yet. keep embarassing yourself and rest assured the only lack of inteliquotents is clearly you.