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sgpkp  •  1 year ago

Hi! I want to update the information given about the Historic Fleetwood Church. My husband and I founded Spirit Guides Paranormal. We are the team spearheading most of the fundraising efforts for Steve Pollet and the church (along with other teams, especially Transcend Paranormal.) We raised enough funds to renovate the steeple in November of 2021, which was a huge milestone. We're now working towards fixing the foundation, by running fundraising events including the annual Fleetwood ParaCon and the Psychic Faire of Brandy Station. The old church is definitely haunted. Many paranormal teams and individuals who have investigated the church and its grounds agree on that. One of the spirits that frequents the church is Mr. Daniel Wine's wife, Malinda. To my knowledge, Daniel, himself, has never been detected. You're right that the graves were supposed to be exhumed when the church was decommissioned and the congregation moved, and it does seem to have been a sloppy endeavor. One gravestone remains. It was pushed almost all the way to the railroad tracks behind the church and abandoned there. It's sad. There is a map that references a "Wine Family Cemetery" and places it near where the church currently stands, but there is no sign of it anywhere that we've been able to access. There is a wooded area that we can't get to, which is currently owned by other people, but would have belonged to the Wines when they donated the church property. It may be back in those woods. I don't know. The church was built in 1880 and began as a Methodist Episcopal Church in 1881. There is evidence, however, that the building was erected on the foundation of an older building. Steve has found Civil War bullets in the foundation. Also, there is a sketch in the Library of Congress, done by a Civil War soldier in 1864, that depicts the building beside Fleetwood, which was used as a Civil War field hospital. In the sketch, the soldier drew the corner of a building where the Fleetwood Church now stands. Something was there, but no one knows what.

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