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Requesting for Level 2

indeed1  •  1 month ago

Hi! I've been interesting in urban exploration for about 6-7 years now. Unfortunately I didn't really do much of anything back when I first got interested, but in the past year or so I've been going to a handful of places. Speaking on the requirements, I've only gotten 2 locations so far. I was hoping I would have a lot more but seems as though a lot of places I end up finding and going into are already on here! Not a bad thing, but I will always continue to be on the lookout and contribute what I can. If this is too much of an issue, then I will keep working towards it and re-apply if necessary. Regarding albums and photo contributions, I believe I've done good. I always take shots of interiors when I can get inside, taking both landscape and portrait shots with a nice, mirrorless Canon R10 that I love to put to use. I believe I deliver quality in my shots. I've got albums from locations of all levels: a 4 (interior & exterior), a couple 3's (1x only exterior, 1x few interior shots & an exterior), a handful of 2's (few exterior only, few both interior & exterior), and a few 1's (1 interior only, a couple both interior & exterior). As mentioned, a few of these albums are only exteriors, but this is because one day I went around looking for as many buildings as I could and added what pictures I could get (which were only exteriors at the time, no PoE's found) just in case any of them were new locations. Low and behold, there was a new location! That being said, I believe it can be helpful at times to have some updated exterior shots if there hasn't been an recent album / view of the outside; for other potential explorers on the site, in case there were any major PoE / barricade changes. I have talked to a handful of yous in Discord, and will continue to try and include myself more and more. I've really enjoyed both uploading and seeing other photos of locations on this site and I'm happy to finally be able to contribute and really act on these places and see them for myself. I would love to get elected to level 2, hopefully there are others that agree. That being said, constructive criticism is always welcome too. Thank you and happy exploring!

Requesting for Level 3

DecayDiver  •  1 month ago

I understand my locations are a bit under, I don't quite have 40 albums, but I have submitted almost close to the 20 location requirement. But I feel like the rest of the things I do will make that kind of OK. I provide detailed hazards information on all locations I create, same with history. I do lots of research and even combine information other people have added to make sure locations have lots of info attached. Not only with locations I make - If I come across a location that I am able to edit I will edit it accordingly with accurate and up-to-date high quality detailed information. Some examples are location 17433 and 17152. Both of these locations had very little information attached to their OAP pages, and I took edited them to provide high quality details. I had dug up a very huge chunk of history for location 17152 that was not known by barely anyone else. I never take a "Bad" photo, I use a GoPro Hero 10 Black capable of vibrant photos and extremely high quality (almost 8K.) I keep it on a tri-pod and set a high shutter time to create stunning photos even in the darkest rooms. Level 3 would help me largely in finding new locations. I hear everyone say in their promotions that (x) level would help them find new locations to photograph, but I actually did it with my Level 2. Alongside locations I've created, I've used OAP to find many other locations. I've taken full advantage of my ability by adding new albums on locations that were very outdated. I kind of live in the middle of nowhere, so many of the locations in my area are very old and have incorrect information such as still saying abandoned when It's been demolished. I comment on all of these locations I see to make sure the next person doesn't have to find out the hard way like I did. I have never vandalized anything, I am probably one of the youngest users on this site so I usually explore with my parents/grandparents, who would both kill me if they saw me do such a thing. (of course I wouldn't vandalize if I was alone or not). A lot of places in my area are sealed tight securely which is why I have so many exteriors only. However when an entrance is found I make sure to explore and photograph everything no matter the size of the building, to provide no mystery to the viewer. Location 17152 had only a few albums with interiors and they all barely posted them, I was the first photographer to go in here and show off everything. I'm not only known here on OAP, I also have an Instagram with a whopping 20 followers and a website (decaydiver.ca) I hope to become bigger and more well known like RiddimRyder and NoahNowhere (my inspiration). I'm still a bit under so I understand if I get denied (I wouldn't be surprised). However I feel like the other aspects of my account will kinda make up for it. Have a good day and thanks for reading. TL;DR: Despite not meeting the album count requirement, I contribute detailed hazard and historical information to locations, edit existing entries for accuracy, and ensure high-quality photography. My Level 2 access has enabled me to find and document numerous locations effectively. Living in a rural area, I rectify outdated or incorrect information on abandoned sites. I explore with my family, never engage in vandalism, and thoroughly document locations even when restricted to exteriors. While my Instagram and website are small, I aspire to grow my presence. Though I may fall short on album count, I believe my contributions compensate for it.

Requesting for Level 3

dissatisfaction  •  2 months ago

## Salutations, fellow explorers. I have come here yet again, at last, 9 months after my last promotion. Of course, I am now applying for level 3. Yes, I am aware I do not have 20 locations. It does not meet the ~~required~~ recommended amount. However, I believe that some other aspects of my profile will compensate for that fact. Alright.. so far I have uploaded a total of 18 locations (16 of which are level 2+), and 51 albums. This number would be heavily inflated had I not broken my collarbone last summer which gave me no choice but to suspend my car insurance for the meantime (still suspended but I'm waiting to get a job hopefully in the next few months and I'll go wild exploring again). Now, as usual, Quality > Quantity. I always make sure my photos look good (atleast to me) No blurry, misaligned shots with my thumb in the corner. I try to give the user a great perspective of what there is that site has to offer. I include photos of the POE, exterior, hazards, cool little items and details, etc. I like to arrange my albums in a way where the user is first presented with the exterior shots, and it slowly takes them through the location as I explored it. They usually end off with shots of those small details I mentioned earlier, if possible. My locations are well documented as well. I try my best not to post exteriors. I would be well over 50 locations had I posted them all. I probably mentioned this in my previous election post but I try to make it a nice read for the user. I format the hazards and provide explanations, I try to get a history of the location if possible, I even have a section writing up the most recent POE and which I took as of what date, just to help people out. I also sometimes include a recap of my own personal experience while exploring. Additionally, I'm not only a contributor of locations of albums on OAP. I try to integrate into the community as a whole. I'm active on the discord server, I speak to many of the members, I occasionally comment on albums/locations/photos, etc. Honestly I probably just seem like I'm yapping at this point, but I'm just voicing my thoughts out here. I think that's probably all. Vote honestly and please provide me with constructive criticism if you don't believe I am suited for level 3. If you do bevieve so, then thank you for the support! ## Thanks!

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