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The Silva’s Mansion

Demolished Mansion in Clarington, Ontario, Canada

Feb 06 2024

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Recent status Demolished
Location # 20282

This home was built in 1983 by Joe Silva (former president of ventury homes and owner of durham building supplies)

The Silva’s sold it in 1994 to the Haynes family, who were here until 2002 when it was sold to the Bolahood’s.

In 2018, the Bolahood’s sold it to Andrin Homes for $4,000,000. the plan is to build 190 townhouses and 53 single detached. this plan also includes a property around the corner which was demolished last year.

As someone who has grown up here my entire life, this was always my favourite house. It always peaked my interest and curiosity to know what the inside looked like, and just this past spring that wish finally came true. I was given the opportunity to go inside and photograph it.

It lived up to my expectations, and was nothing short of incredible. The ornate ceramic tile floor patterns, the large glass and crystal chandeliers, the different wallpaper styles, the oak staircase, trims and doors, I could just tell that this place had no expense spared when it was built. Perhaps one of the most quality built homes I’ve ever seen. it was very apparent that the three families who lived here in the 40 years it stood, took great pride in this home, as it was immaculate as it was when it was brand new.

this was my dream home when I was younger, I always told myself I’d find a way to someday buy it and live in it, but unfortunately, that doesn’t look like that’s possible anymore. And lastly, if anyone has any ideas as to where I might be able to find a copy of the drawings/blueprints, it would be much appreciated! I would love to have a copy of them to have framed on the wall, and who knows, maybe even someday, use them to rebuild the place for myself.


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