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The Norfolk Tavern

Demolished Motel/Hotel, Commercial in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

Feb 03 2024

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Recent status Demolished
Location # 20279

This building unfortunately wasn't abandoned for very long before it was demolished, it was built in 1835, over the years it served as a bar and a hotel, in it's early years it even served as the town jail. Over the years it had many different owners, renovations that supposedly made it not eligable for 'hertitage status', despite the heritage plaque that once adorned it's side. Oddly enough, the plaque went missing a day after the new owner purchased it. The new owner not only purchased it privately but had a demolition permit all approved with in a matter of a couple weeks. Out of all of the buildings I have seen demolished, I was sure the opportunity would present itself for entry especially considering the demolition happened during the coldest days of January, I would show up every night after the demolition crews left hoping to find some entry (aside from just getting through the demoltion fence itself), every night they would board up whatever entries remained until the point that there was so little left that the risk definitely outweighed any potential images I'd have gotten. Despite this, this is a clear indication of how quickly our world is changing, old buildings aren't valued anymore. It's easier to destroy the past and build something modern in it's place.


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