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Scoudouc Airbase

Repurposed Military in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada

Nov 20 2023

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Recent status Repurposed
Location # 20181

Hazards of Scoudouc Airbase

Turned into all sorts of stuff, Ditech recycles propane, they used to make pop shop and glass bottles here, there's some lumber and all sorts of industrial stuff. The landing strips now pass roads and powerlines for NB power. Just try to respect the people who work in the area and dont go running into active construction zones.

History of Scoudouc Airbase

Around WW2, the Scoudouc Industrial park used to be a RCAF base. There isnt much left, but I'm pretty sure the "Scoudouc Glass" is the only remaining hangar. It was open from 1940 to 1944.

From the air, you can sort of see the shape of the airbase, and you can see that it's close in shape to Romeo Leblanc airport in dieppe. You can see outlines of where the buildings used to be.


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