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Abandoned Railway in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Nov 18 2023

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Hazards of GECO Spur

The GECO spur between Kenedy and Warden is still an active railway. Anytime is train time so I'd recommend staying to the side of the tracks. The section between Warden and Victoria Park is an active subway, with active electricity and active police.

History of GECO Spur

Originally part of the Canadian Northern Railway mainline between Toronto and ottawa, the section in Toronto ran from just north of Tobermory mills where it linked up with the GO Bala subdivision (aka the Richmond Hill line) to the CP Belleville subdivision just east of the Toronto yard. The CNR went under in 1917 and along with The Grand Trunk Railway formed a part of the Crown corporation Canadian National. Most of the line was abandoned in the 1930s due to its redundancy in the Canadian National network. The right of way that remained would come to form many things including Line 2 of the Toronto Subway from Victoria Park station to Kennedy station, a hydro corridor, the CN GECO spur and a planned extension of line 3 to malvern. The GECO spur originally included a yard just east of Warden station with a connection to the CN Kingston sub to the south.

Currently, much of the ROW has been developed. The only sections remaining are the hydro corridor from the Don Valley to Kennedy, Line 2 and the CN GECO spur. The yard east of warden was originally planned to be used as a subway yard but has since been used for a Hydro One transfer station. A third bridge still remains east of the two subway bridges over Warden. The eastern end of line 3's McCowan yard is alligned with the transcon line making a malvern extension possible.


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