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Behnke off Hwy 63 ( Trout Lake Road)


2 months ago

There is apparently an abandoned town called/in Behnke, Ontario. 

If travelling along Hwy 63 (Trout Lake Road) heading towards Quebec from North Bay, just pass Hwy 533, there is a green sign that says Behnke 26(?) khms 

The story goes that this use to be a booming  town but some “tragic“ event occurred and the entire town moved away. 

The road into Behnke looks like a cow path but we are going to head in there next Sunday with our ATVs. 

Does anyone know anything about Behnke, the history etc?



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2 months ago

Check out Tominko in the same area, a little west of where you will be.


2 months ago

Looking at Google maps I can see the sign - it says 21km, but that's not really relevant. I went scouring across satellite view and the road leading in appears to be the entrance to a long, winding path of various logging routes not uncommon. There doesn't seem to be any structures besides something located at 46.56709794373885, -79.16888416560892 , which I'm guessing is related to the logging operations, but with such grainy imagery it's hard to tell. Perhaps start there? Keep in mind it says Behnke is 21km in, so this is most likely not related.

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