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1977 Triumph TR7

Abandoned Other in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

Feb 10 2024

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Recent status Abandoned
Location # 20285

Hazards of 1977 Triumph TR7

  • Plants & Insects: As always, when hiking during active seasons, the malicious plants and insects will seriously get in your way. Luckily, this car isn't too far from the trail.

Again, as I was hiking down this trail, I was presented by a shiny, blue hunk of metal right in front of my eyes. I was surprised how visible this was, atleast during the winter months.

There's still a lot of wires attached to the vehicle, but a lot of it has been scrapped and left to rot. It's a 1977 Triumph TR7, judged by what I could find. How did it get here? I wish I had a clue.


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2 weeks ago

very odd that there are now two seperate cars in forests!