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Subaru Dealer behind the church

Abandoned Other in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nov 20 2023

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Hazards of Subaru Dealer behind the church

Not much, a bit of a clime to open the door, the wood is a bit rotten so footing is not the best, kind of a pull yourself up, but once inside there's not much to worry about.

History of Subaru Dealer behind the church

So according to local legend, this was the lot office of a Subaru dealership in Dartmouth, which either closed or expanded to a larger, better, more permanent building a few years ago. Someone bought the trailer office and moved it to New Germany to use as a hunting camp, and is storing it behind an old church, indefinitely.

Access is through a side door, that you have to climb up to, there are a few rooms, that were the sales offices and also a bathroom, but not much. Of the trailers I have been in, this one is in the best condition floor wise. It's a fun little quick stop on your way to other sites, or after more exciting sites and you just want to burn off a few more shots


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