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Hackers Haven Dead Body Stain

Demolished Commercial in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

May 31 2021

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Recent status Demolished
Location # 17607

I received a message from someone asking me if I would be interested in exploring an abandoned building where a body was found about 2 years ago and there is still a stain where the body was laying.

The guy who messaged me was the one who found it, he was doing a safety check on the building and had noticed there were signs that someone had broken in

He went inside with just his cell phone flashlight and when he walked down to the basement level he almost tripped over it.

He showed me a photo from before they removed the body, the deceased person was laying face down, legs straight out and arms tucked under the body, the persons shoulder was pressed up against a post.

When they removed the deceased it had left a perfect imprint of the body and all around it there were dead maggots and decomp spread all around.

As of today the body has still not been identified but it looked as if it was a homeless person and/or a drug overdose.

I had a photo of what the spot looked like right after the body was removed, so I knew what to look for when I got there.

The building was very uninteresting, mostly empty except for some computer monitors, hair drying chairs and things.

I made my way to the basement and the stain was hardly recognizable from the first angle, but when I moved around to the end where the head was resting, you can make out the shape in the stain.

The floor was still covered with dead maggots, thousands of them. I asked the guy who discovered it how bad it smelled, he said it just smelled "earthy", so this person had likely been there a very long time.


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