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Old Shooting Range

Abandoned Military in Niagara On The Lake, Ontario, Canada

Dec 16 2015

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My knowledge of it's history is very limited but I do know that this old rifle range was mostly used for practice by cadets and the military alike. The range was closed off and gated over five years years ago and after being decommissioned and cleaned up it was donated to Parks Canada. Though some developers have made proposals they were turned down and the site has thus far been kept as a historical property.

A representative from Parks Canada stated the following in a news paper article: Ideally, Parks Canada would like to show off the history of the property, which includes the landing place of invading American soldiers during the War of 1812. Stewart also acknowledged a "recreational potential" for the property."

Anyone with additional information please share!


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5 years ago

Yeah it's fully locked up now fencing all around


7 years ago

When it was closed, the regiment moved to Winona (which is experiencing the same issues). Parks Canada doesn't want it developed because of old growth forest they don't want disturbed. It's also rumoured the range dates back to World War One and has unexploded ordnance, which would certainly liven up foundation digging.


7 years ago

I asked on CGN and found quite a bit. The Americans indeed landed there in 1813 when they attacked Fort George. The buildings with the graffiti were the target storage sheds. It was closed because housing development started encroaching and the usual "guns are going off" complaints from local idiots showed up.