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Milburn Family Cemetery

Abandoned Cemetery in Minden Hills, Ontario, Canada

Aug 17 2015

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Location # 12512

A classic pioneer family cemetery. Here lies the remains of the Milburn Family, early settlers to the region. They cleared the rugged land and tried to make a go of life in the Haliburton bush.
A nearby road is named after them. The cemetery is hidden on top of a hill overlooking the family farm, and a turn in the highway. All of the stones have been moved together in a small patch in the middle of the plot. The stones are extremely weathered and near impossible to read. The only date I could make out was that of an eleven month old child who died in 1886. A testament to the ruggedness of the Canadian wilderness and the tenacity of those who tried to tame it.

A link is provided with details of a book/paper written about this small family resting place.


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8 years ago

Nice Timo. The one's people and up preserving this way are nice to come across. Maybe there is hope for humanity :-)


8 years ago

Love it. Good find and good eye , Tim , we'll get 'em all, eventually.