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I have a petition - please sign it.


1 month ago

My suggestion here is to change the way albums are shown on OAP profiles. Instead of showing them in the order you uploaded them (like it is now), the proposal is to show them in the order you were actually at the abandonment. Currently, even if you use the feature that lets you set the date you were there, it doesn't change the order on your profile.

I have talked to the web designer about it, and the designer agreed to some changes but not the full thing. I explained that this change would be helpful for new photographers joining OAP because they could upload their albums in any order and still have it look right on their profile as long as they set the date they explored it.

There's a concern from some users about my proposal, saying it might be weird if older (newly uploaded photos) get pushed back. The suggestion addresses this by proposing a second page or a way for users to choose how they want their albums sorted.

I also mentioned that even if a album gets pushed back in the album order, it would still be easy to find because OAP shows the most recently uploaded albums on the homepage, and the site isn't huge, so the album would stay visible for at least a few days.

In the end, I am asking for support from other users to consider this change, I believe it would make it easier for people to see more recent albums on the site.



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1 month ago

Here's an example: Look at Freaktography's profile here. https://ominous.app/user/33547 Many of the "latest" albums are just old ones that were uploaded on the site recently.


3 weeks ago

I think I would be cool to have a page of a dozen or so photos that are the users favourite but a whole ass other page for sorted albums seems overkill and maybe a waste of the devs time

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