Ontario Abandoned Places will be rebranded as Ominous Abandoned Places

Do you prefer to explore during the Summer or Winter?


1 month ago

Both have their perks for identifying bandos, such as overgrown plants in the summer or stagnant snow in the winter.

Or the downsides.. like ticks and hazardous plants in the summer, or having to cross knee deep snow in the winter.

Personally, I've explored more during the winter so maybe that's why I prefer the latter. It's reassuring knowing there haven't been any footsteps around the area for days, or even weeks. But I will say that wet shoes from the snow are annoying, so bringing something waterproof is recommended



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1 month ago

for me in the summer going there is easier because its warmer with less wind but there is so many plants and bugs at the locations so i would prefer winter because i can actually go there and see the whole house and not get eatin by mosquitoes


1 month ago

big fan of the shoulder seasons, less bugs, don't have to worry about getting stuck in the snow, down side would be less day light

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