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1 month ago

Hey everyone! I am applying to be elected for level 2 as I believe I meet all the criteria. I got into this hobby early last summer, but due to lack of interest from friends at the time and not knowing much about it it never really went anywhere.

This winter however I met a new group of friends and after telling them all about urbex we have explored a few locations together. I have never damaged or vandalized any locations out of respect for the hobby.

Even though I have a list of a few locations I want to visit i think It would be beneficial for me to gain access to level 2 so that I can keep visiting locations new to me and at the same time keep helping expand the OAP website!

let me know if you guys agree and if not what I can do to improve!


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• 1 month ago

nice stuff, good luck with level two

• 1 month ago

Meets requirements.

• 1 month ago

Meets requirements and has some cool locations. Decent photos too

• 1 month ago

Decent albums, has descriptions, meets requirements