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6 days ago

I believe I've gained enough experience and have contributed enough content that it would make sense for me to be promoted to level 2. Though I'm barely over the minimum requirements, I hope that my albums indicate that I have passion, a willingness to explore and find new locations, and most importantly, a willingness to improve. It's fairly obvious that I'm not experienced in photography, but I think it's clear that my albums have greatly improved in quality as I've explored and experienced more (like my Atlas Auto Shop and Shef's grill albums). The one aspect in which I believe I'm a little behind (in terms of promotion) is added locations: I've added 3 of them, (but also found Minor Niner) and I hope this is enough to indicate that not only am I able to explore without visiting well-known locations, but that I'll be able to add to the database as I explore and discover. There is also a lot to improve about the quality of my posts, as well as my skills as an explorer, and if there are any concerns or advice that I need to take into account, please share it with me (especially if I'm not yet ready for level 2).


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• 2 hours ago

He seems to have the required amount.

• 4 days ago

Great work so far meets requirements

• 4 days ago

Meets requirements, great pictures.

• 6 days ago

Seems passionate about the hobby and has shown photo improvement.