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1 month ago

Hello, I am applying for level 2. I have met all of the requirements for level 2, as I have 9 locations, 10 albums, and I have been on the site for more than three months. I have contributed relatively consistently since May of this year.

What allured me to urbex lies not only in the exploration of abandoned sites but also in the preservation of their stories. As an someone who explores those places, I want to capture the essence of each location through photos, history, and documentation. 

Through those mediums, I'm happy to share Alberta's (and other places I happen to travel's) forgotten places.

Speaking of mediums, in terms of my photography, I strive for each of my photos to be quality, but when I'm able to, to have a decent quantity of pictures as well. 

But, urbex isn't just about aesthetics, it's about acknowledging the layers of history that define Canada's (and in my case, Alberta's) landscapes, which is why I choose to add details of each location's history to each post. 

This is my favourite hobby, I travel to ghost towns and abandoned buildings as much as being located in Alberta + being a student allows. Please let me know what you think!


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1 month ago

Niche, quality content. I love seeing history from little places on the other side of Canada from me. Meets requirements too


1 month ago

keep it up dude

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• 1 month ago

Absolutely nothing critical to say. Lemony has had good entries and has contributed positively.

• 1 month ago

seems solid

• 1 month ago

Reason in comment

• 1 month ago

amazing photos this person deserves level 2