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Collapsing shack

Abandoned Barn in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Mar 28 2024

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This collapsing shack in Omemee was found through google maps a few days before I took these pictures. The shack is extremely easy to access, and is right on the road. The road is not busy, so I didn't run into any problems while exploring it. However, with some bad luck, the neighbours across the road or a vehicle could catch you at the wrong time.

The doors of the shack were falling down, but I was able to push them so that I could enter easily enough. Inside the shack I found a pair and a half of old wooden crutches, a couple pieces of an old bedframe, a few tires, and some old petroleum cans, one of them that was created at the latest in 1999 (This is when Petrofina Canada changed its company name)

This property had two other buildings on it back in 2008, but one of them (a shipping container) was remover between 2008 and 2018. The other more substsntial building on the property was remover sometime after 2018. This location can be found very nearby historical landmark Doube's Trestle Bridge, and even has an old driveway leading to the rail trail.

The outside of the shack
This is the outside of the shack which can be viewed from the road.
The interior of the shack
The pair and a half of wooden crutches, planks, and scrap metal. A dirt floor to top it all off.
The roof of the shack
A shot of the shack’s roof which is not divided from the rest of the building.
The shack’s contents
Here you can see many tires, the bed frame pieces and some crutches once again.
Other side of the shack
More tires, some cardboard, and a gas can on the ground.
An old petroleum can
A Petrofina Canada petroleum fan from before the 21st century.
An old picture
This is the Google Maps street view of the location from 2012. Not much had changed since then…


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