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Cold February Evening

Abandoned Military in Clarington, Ontario

Feb 10 2024

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Took a trip a couple hours away to check out this location. Has changed over the years but still is a super fun explore!

The first, main building
This building has been gated off since (???) I THINK due to a fire. There is definitely opportunity to get underneath the gate around the right side, but we didn't see any acutal entry point on the building and there was security cameras nearby pointing at the building (whether they were active or not is another story)
The 2nd building we ran into
Seemed to be a dorm-like building
Some exterior graffiti
Along with some boarded up windows. Nothing special
The beginning of the 3rd building
Not sure what the 3rd building really is, but seems to have a good amount of rooms, a big main area, and a fairly small basement area
Bathroom(?) area
Someone loves Kim Kardashian. Maybe Kanye was here?
More bathroom(?) area
Super creative graffiti here! Unsurprisingly...
The 'main' room in the 3rd building (1)
Very muddy and very wet. A sizable room, though!
The 'main' room in the 3rd building (2)
Slightly more to the right of the previous shot.
The 'main' room in the 3rd building (3)
One area of the wall is down to the brick and looks like there was fire damage in that area
One of my many hallway shots
Love the peeling and chipping paint everywhere, really adds to the decrepit nature
A room with a boarded window
Not much to say here
Another room with a boarded window
Surprised the window itself is still hanging on it's hinges, though
The basement of the 3rd building
Love the wrapped pipes. Lots of planks, gates and gate-like material, and other rubbish all down here. Nothing of significance but still surprised there's such an abundance down here with little destruction to it
Some major paint peeling
Really makes me wonder how old this specific graffiti is, considering it's peeling with the rest of the wall
The 'main' room in the 3rd building (4)
Widest shot I have


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