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Unknown Ghost Town in Pickering, Ontario

May 15 2019

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Altona2019 - Altona-(ghost-town)85.jpg
The Sign you can see when you are entering Altona, ON
Altona2019 - Altona-(ghost-town)86.jpg
As you drive eastbound away from Altona, Someone repurposed an old vehicle as a sign to poke fun at long road stretches in the area
Altona2019 - Altona-(ghost-town)87.jpg
In Front of the Cemetery and Meeting House, Heading South on Sideline 30 you'll see Government of Canada signs blocking dirt paths where they don't want you to trespass or for authorized vehicles only along with some small remains of demo'd buildings
Altona2019 - Altona-(ghost-town)88.jpg
Cemetery where township WhiteChurch-Stouffville founder is buried with his wife and children along with other Altona Local residents
Altona2019 - Altona-(ghost-town)89.jpg
Famous and Maintained Altona Meeting House by the Heritage Ontario and Trustees


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