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Old Scoudouc River Bridge

Abandoned Bridge/Locks in Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada

Sep 13 2023

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Recent status Abandoned
Location # 20038

Hazards of Old Scoudouc River Bridge

Mind the drop, it’s a deadly drop on either side, but there’s a fence on the walking trail side.

History of Old Scoudouc River Bridge

This was used by CN for the old train network that went through Shediac. It used to go from the wharf at Pointe Du Chene, through the walking trails, to the old train station near Parc Pascal Poirier, more walking trails and finally over the Scoudouc River.

There are a few stone pillars left, you can access one side through a walking trail, and the other side by the 4 wheeler trail. On the walking trail side there’s a little trail that goes down the hill to the beach at the bottom.


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