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Barrie Fairgrounds & Racetrack

Demolished Recreational in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Jul 21 2009

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Recent status Demolished
Location # 766

The Barrie Raceway and Fairgrounds located on Essa road at the Highway 400 on-ramp, closed approx 4 years ago. Apparently with the the Georgian Downs Raceway becoming more popular, the Barrie Raceway was decling in business.

The Barrie fair was a yearly event that drew crowds, and the building were used as an Events centre until recently, but it wasn(a)t enough to keep it open.

Several developers over the past few years have submitted proposals, however the property taxes and already congested trafic area have keep them all at bay.

Currently the main building is vacant. The track and facilities are slowly falling into disrepair and many of the windows facing the track have been smashed.

The property is completely fenced off with barbed wire and locked gates, however entry is sometimes feasible...
this has regrettably been completely torn down, presumably to make room for more retail buildings or something else equally frivolous. Not much to see anymore unless you like empty lots.


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12 years ago

Drove by yesterday, all is gone as thought it never was.


13 years ago

October 13, 2009, most of it has been torn down, here are pics we took of what is left.