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404 Error

Abandoned House in Hebbs Cross, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sep 03 2023

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Recent status Abandoned
Location # 20016

Hazards of 404 Error

The local believed the house was full of mold, he stated “They weren’t very clean, and I have doubts that the house is not full of mold.”

History of 404 Error

Not much, but when I was checking the house out a local showed up and started asking questions, and then I started asking questions. Turns out the house has been empty for 20-30 years, the patients died about 30 years ago than there daughter moved back and then died around 20 years ago.

Park in the drive way, be aware the neighbor is right across the street, uncertain how much they care but this is rural Nova Scotia. Look out for ticks the grass is tall, all I did was a walk around to the back side checking for access, doors were locked and windows are sealed. Might try again next season


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