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Floors, what floors

Abandoned House in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sep 10 2023

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Recent status Abandoned
Location # 20032

Hazards of Floors, what floors

Don’t go inside, there’s no floor or very little floor remaining, long grass around building so ticks, would also recommend having your bear spray with you

History of Floors, what floors

maybe abandoned in the 80’s or 90’s based on the age and condition of the cars

no address, lots of parking on the side road, the house is small, two story, very little floor remains on the first level, you can see where the kitchen was. Did not go past the door way this place is not worth it so i spent most of my time exploring down by the stream on the back side of the house.

To the left of the house from parking there is a old road which leads to a car graveyard, spent more time exploring here then the house.


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