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7 months ago

While I have only become active relatively recently in the community, I've been involved in Urban exploration for about 5 years. Originally, it started out with just exploring storm drains in middle school. It all shifted when my dad introduced me to a sight his friend who went my ninjalicious used to run called infiltration. From there I got the urbex itch. I've been properly exploring with my group of friends for around two and a half years now. I try to scout out new locations when I can and when I do visit locations I try to take as many high quality photographs as possible with my pixel 7. I also enjoy creating writeups on the locations I visit, researching the history behind them. I hope that if my level 2 application is successful, I can continue to contribute to this site and the urbex community as a whole.


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January 20 2023

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• 6 months ago

Seems like he will be of benefit. I dont see why not. Hes already shown alot of activity and we should only premote that.

• 7 months ago

Good photos, and interesting locations

• 7 months ago

Love the photos

• 7 months ago

Cool spots! Photo quality is pretty good and meets the requirements.