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French's Stand (Deleted)

Historic Location in Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Feb 06 2024

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History of French's Stand

French's Stand in Orillia has been around for more than 100 years, starting in 1920 with George French. Back then, it was a simple lunch spot for railway workers, offering hot dogs and coffee. Over time, the stand's colorful look and friendly atmosphere turned it into a symbol of community and tradition.

This hot dog stand, one of the oldest in Canada, has seen Orillia's waterfront change but remains a family legacy. George's vision lives on through Tim French, who runs the stand now, and there's hope for more generations to carry on the tradition.

Aside from being a tasty stop, French's Stand has been a source of summer jobs for local high school students, giving them a chance to earn while learning. It's become more than just a place to grab a bite; it's a vital part of the community.

Recognizing its history, the municipal heritage committee is creating a storyboard to showcase the stand's journey from a railway lunch spot in 1920 to a beloved waterfront landmark today. French's Stand, with its mustard-and-ketchup charm, is a living symbol of tradition, family, and community, weaving its story into Orillia's cultural fabric. As it continues to serve hot dogs and drinks, it remains a timeless piece of Orillia's history.

I've decided to put this location on OAP because It's been vacant for a while. It plans to re-open summer 2024 however - It's been closed since around 2022 due to construction on Centennial Dr.

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